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PDS: Who are we and what do we do?

Publication Design Specialties is owned and operated by Paul Delaney, a life-long resident of the Inland Northwest. PDS has been quietly producing quality publications as a part-time business since the early 70s.    

Paul calls himself happily (semi)retired after decades spent in the printing and newspaper business. We will put this expertise to work for you.    

We bring clients a unique experience package. Taking a hands-on approach with each client, lending them expertise that has come from:    

  • Five decades work in the printing industry with dozens of projects for some very notable entities.  
  • Over 30 years work in the computer graphics business. Our flagship creation is the Spokane Chiefs Hockey Team logo that has stood the test of time since unveiled in 1986.
  • Decades of work in the newspaper business on both a full and part-time basis, winning awards along the way.


Why choose us?

There are many reasons, but most importantly, with PDS, you’ll get experience in many facets of the publications field. Quite simply, we’re your one-stop source.

Sure, the world has gone whacko over the Web — and for good reason — and when it comes to print, it may very well be a foreign language to some these days.    

PDS saves you time and the run-around, and time, as you know is money!    

  • We’ll put our 5 decades of experience in the printing industry to work to get your job produced and the best price and in the quickest time possible.    

  • You can count on our writing and editing experience to provide quality content and to help develop content ideas.    

  • Our graphics capabilities will give your publication a clean, contemporary look and functional.  

  • Above all you’ll get quality and cost-effective work from a simple flier to more complex projects.

• P.O. Box  7458 • Spokane, WA 99207 •

(509) 220-8018

The PDS version of an “Extreme Publication Makeover”

We took a publication that was costing the client huge amounts of money, but more so, BIGGER chunks of staff time to produce. We redesigned it, cut costs drastically and gave more time back to staff to do their job of running their organization!


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