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"Saturday Nights Were Special, was written by Paul Delaney of Spokane and is obviously a labour of love. It's a large soft cover book that was released in the spring and is absolutely loaded with stories, anecdotes, names and faces from hockey's stay in Spokane. While the WHL's Chiefs, the most recent Spokane entry in the hockey wars, play a large part here, Delaney does a wonderful job chronicling hockey's history in the Washington city B.C. - Before the Chiefs. Delaney has scored at least a hat trick with his effort."

Gregg Drinan

Kamloops Daily News Sports Editor


"Although the Pacific Northwest boasts more paddling clubs than any other region in the country, Spokane, Washington’s 10-year-old Northwest Whitewater Association (NWA) ranks among the best. Helping it get there is its quarterly newsletter, the NWA News. Its style and content make it stand out with newsworthy stories covering everything from dam status to access issues."

Paddler Magazine names NWA News as one of the top newsletters In U.S.